Win A Slab Of Young Henrys Beer For Ya Dad!

We think Dads are rad. They’re fascinating creatures with really loud sneezes who text… like this…. can you pick up some milk… from the shops… we’re out… Love, Dad. They think Siri is the best thing since sliced cheese and they have an unexplainable confidence that they can outsmart the GPS. They love eXpressos and mugga cappuccinos and the free mint bowl at restaurants and they unexpectedly rip out the best advice that deserves its own press conference sometimes. And, it’s Father’s Day this weekend, so it’s time to get the heck around your old man. 

If you’re stuck for present ideas that aren’t gravel for the front yard or a new pair of stripy socks to rock at the office on casual Fridays, we’ve got you. We’ve partnered with the lords at Young Henrys to give away 10 cases of beer for 10 lucky Dads! To give your old man a shot at collecting the treasure, head to our Instagram and comment on this post telling us what makes your Dad so rad. Or, if you’re a Dad yourself, feel free to toot your own horn (or hit us with your best dad joke) in the comments, too. Winners will be selected at 6pm on Sunday 5th May. This is a 72 hour operation, so get ya comments in. We’re not fkn around. 

In the spirit of Fathers Day, we’ve done the rounds and interviewed our favourite Dads at each of our venues. A tour de Dad, if you will. Some have kids who work with us, and some keep our restaurants well-oiled themselves. Read on to find out how rad they really are! 

GLENELG – Leo Redden (Tom & Declan’s Dad)

Tell us about you being a Dad and your relationship with Beach Burrito? Which of your kids have worked there?
 Jen and I set out on journey 37yrs ago when we met at school to breed a top class line of Burrito Slingers. We were lucky enough to have 6 kids & two have made it all the way to Beach Burrito, – while the other 4 have spent 80% of their post tax income over the counter at Beach Burrito. Naturally we are most proud of Tom and Declan’s efforts to keep the surf/skate/music communities fed and watered while they studied for less worthy, but better paid ,careers outside of Mexican Hospo.

Best Dad joke?
The kids sometimes call me “ The Human Chef” because I have cooked up the 6 of them ! ……. this is factual, but still fits the Dad joke answer.

Best and worst parts about being a Dad?
Best – Everything! Jen and I are blessed with kids that really value the importance of being able to create a laugh from almost any situation. We have always had a home that’s open to their mates(when there’s 8 at home to feed, there might as well be a dozen!) and their friends give us great hope that the future is in good hands.
Worst thing – Having to drink Fireballs when on tour with the lads.

BONDI – Blake Read (BBC Founder)

Best and worst parts about being a dad?
The best part is watching them become little people and learn about the world. Surfing, skating, snowboarding and mountain biking with my son is a big highlight. The worst part is the mess. 

Why are you a rad Dad?
I think the kids would say that I’m still a big kid. All my spare time and money is spent on FUN shit and there are daily boxes arriving from Vans and Volcom, that’s our uniform! Lucky for them their Mum isn’t into any of that as I put more importance on learning to ride transition than reading at night.

What job can you see your kids doing in the future? 
If we ask them now, it’s professional skateboarder (Miller), dancer (Lillie-Rose) and singer (Loulou). If I had to guess, I imagine one if not two of them will continue to run one of the companies I own or start their own. I didn’t go to uni so I’m all for them doing what they want!


Benny, you’re a fresh Dad! How’s it been so far?
It’s been great so far, the only good thing about lockdown is I’m home a lot with Bron (fiance) and Mackenzie (daughter). The big cheese has also promised I’ll only work 2/3 days a week at full pay so I can stay with her. CHEERS LEGENDS! 

Hit us with your best Dad joke. 
Why did they paint barcodes on the Danish warship? So they can Scandanavyin.

Why are you a rad Dad?
Probably because I can shake a mad marg while holding her at the same time. 

If Mackenzie were to work at Beach Burrito, what would her role be and at which store?
She could probably be the morale officer if she’s in a good mood. Otherwise put her with the ambassadors. And always Coogee. 

DEE WHY – James Purvis (Jess & Joe’s Dad)

Tell us about you being a Dad and your relationship with Beach Burrito? Which of your kids have worked there?  
We went to Beach Burrito a few times and really enjoyed the vibe, so we encouraged Jessie to apply for a job there. She loved working there and encouraged her brother Joe to apply. As a parent, you want the best for your kids and it’s awesome when something works out as you hoped. It gives them a sense of purpose, self confidence and greater independence. 

Why are you a rad Dad? 
I’m not sure if I am, I think my brain stopped ageing at 17, so my kids are actually more mature than me!

What job can you see your kids doing in the future? 
Jessie has a full time physio job keeping my old body working and Joe will be my boss when he’s running his own building company. 


Tell us about being a Dad and what it’s been like having a kid whilst working at Beach Burrito? 
Being a Dad gives you something to be happy about on a daily basis. No matter what, when you see your kid you forget about everything else. Working at BBC gives me enough time to be with my family!

Best and worst parts about being a Dad?
Best part is that it pushes you to be the best in every aspect. It demands the good of you. Worst part is that they don’t grow up overnight… 

What job can you see your kids doing in the future? 
I would love to see him as a sportsman!

CRONULLA – Alam Sofiul (Chef)

What’s it like being a Dad?
When I became a Dad, everyone was happy to warn me about all the hard things, but no one told me about the good things. They said there’ll be diapers and tantrums and messes and confusion. But being a dad has made me more responsible, and there’s so much happiness. It’s not possible to explain how happy I am now. 

Why are you a great Dad?
My daughter is only 17 months! So there’s still a long way to go to being a great Dad. But I think I will be a great Dad in time. 

Best Dad joke?
Have you ever tried to catch a fog? I tried yesterday but I mist.

CIVIC – Rafa Robert-Elgueta (Chef)

Tell us about Dad life!
Being a Dad has been challenging and inspiring and it makes you give your best always. They know Dad is the best at cooking Mexican at home!

If your kids were to work at Beach Burrito, what would their role be? 
I wouldn’t mind if they were washing dishes or managing a restaurant, what’s most important is that they realise that every role deserves the same respect anywhere. 

Best Dad joke?
I used to say, “my kids will never touch a tablet or smartphone”…

NEWCASTLE – Bijesh Giri (Chef)

Why are you a great Dad?
I grew up with a joint family where Dads do most things to keep their kids happy and achieve success. So coming from overseas to the paradise culture where happiness is most important, I’ve learnt to share the happiness. I’ve done everything possible to make my daughter happy no matter what’s happening with COVID, which is why I can say I’m a great Dad!

Best part about working at Beach Burrito?
Beach Burrito is family to me. Every day being there matters to me, and there’s a lot of care and good spirit shared between workmates.

What jobs can you see your kids doing in the future? 
My daughter is curious about becoming a doctor. But it’s really up to her interests, I just hope it won’t make me worried! 

COOLANGATTA – Geoff McKinnon (Loretta & Alister’s Dad) 

Tell us about being a Dad and your relationship with Beach Burrito?
I love being a Dad, it’s the most amazing journey in life watching your kids grow from being totally dependent on you as a child to strong, confident and independent adults. I have two fantastic kids who currently work at Beach Burrito – Loretto who manages Coolangatta and Alister who works at Glenelg. 

Why are you a rad dad? 
Let’s not kid ourselves here with this one, I might get that vote from my dogs, but not my kids.

Best Dad joke? 
What do you call a doll with chops on her head? Barbie.

Don’t forget to enter the competition on our Instagram before Sunday night! It’s a sure fire way to make sure you’re the golden child for at least a week (until you forget to readjust the mirrors and the seat position after borrowing ya Dad’s car).

Tess Fuller