SAD WALLETS NO MORE: We’re here to feed you for less

Hey everyone!

Let’s be real for a second – times are tough, and we’re all feeling it. Whether it’s petrol prices, rent, or just the cost of a cup of coffee, everything is getting more expensive. But guess what? We’ve got some sick new specials to save you cash! We’re pumped to introduce our brand-new daily specials, designed to bring you incredible value without breaking the bank or compromising on our sick offerings.

Monday: Birria Mondays

Kicking off the week, we’ve got Birria Mondays. Indulge in any of our delicious birria dishes for just $20. It’s the perfect way to start your week with a hearty, drool worthy meal that’s easy on your wallet. Whether you’re a birria taco fan or prefer a birria burrito, we’ve got you covered!

Tuesday: Taco Tuesdays

Who doesn’t love tacos? Every Tuesday, we’re bringing you the ultimate Taco Tuesday deal. As always our tacos are half price all day. Mix and match our classic beef, chicken, and veggie tacos. Loaded with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor, these tacos are perfect for a quick bite or a full-on feast. And, yes, they’re even cheaper in Happy Hour and you can wash them down with a $3 beer…not joking.

Wednesday: B.Y.O.B Bring Your Own Booze

Midweek slump? Not on our watch. Doing the ultimate fuck you to the cost of living – we’re letting you bring in your own beer or wine for hast $3pp. Grab a six pack, grab the amigos and come chow down on your grub while you drink straight from the good sack if you want…We’re not sure if this is a good idea or not so use it or lose it. We’ve got the Uno ready and waiting.

Thursday: Nacho Night

By Thursday, we all need a little pick-me-up. Have you had our Nachos especial, if you haven’t you’re stupid, and even stupider if you don’t get them for just $20. Remember being a kid and landing corn chips up with cheese then dumping a tub of sour cream on them? Well this is like that but waaaay better. Pair it with happy hours and you’ll get two beer and a feed for under $30.

Friday: Fiesta Fridays

End your workweek on a high note with our Fiesta Fridays. Enjoy $10 Espresso Martinis and free upgrades on any Cali, Fajita, or Bowl dish. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself without feeling guilty about your spending. What better way to start the weekend…sprezzi marts and free guac…you’ve got to be kidding.

Sunday: Sangria & Seltzer Sunday

Sundays are all about la famila, and we want to make sure you can eat the bread and drink the wine. Our famous house made sangria – 1 litre, $20, you will not beat it. And you show us where you get $8 seltzers that don’t taste like wet apples – See ya there, every Sunday, now and always.

We know every dollar counts right now – and we know you love Beach Burrito. That’s why we’ve made it so easy to get yourself a bloody good feed at even better prices. So, come on down, spend some time with us and keep your wallet happy. We can’t wait to see you!

Stay Rad, and see you soon!

Angus Warren