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TOUR DE BURRITO: Stop 4 – GLENELG with Gemma

There’s no one we’d rather have greet us at our beachside shack in Glenelg after a sweaty Tour de Burrito spin sesh than Gemma Caven. She’s just celebrated 21 loops around the hoop, making her our youngest store manager. What Gemma lacks in birthday candles she makes up for with her effervescent personality, initiative, and […]

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MEET: Northern Beaches wave weapon Sophia Chapman

Sophia Chapman is the latest shredder to join our lineup of awesome ambassadors. At just 20 years old, she’s already dripping with talent and taking the Australian surfing scene by storm. Raised a stone’s throw from the waves in the Northern Beaches, we know she’s no stranger to a barrel or a burrito. So, let’s […]

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GIRLS TO THE FRONT with Darcy Dexter from Seaside

This International Women’s Day, we’re raising a glass to the inspirational, irreplaceable, bad-arse women in our lives. Their strong presence, unparalleled talent and downright awesomeness is worth cheersing not just today, but every day.  These empowered women of today stand firmly on the shoulders of strong women who have spent decades fighting for women’s place […]

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2020’s BOWLZILLA scraped through as the last international professional skateboard competition before COVID dropped in and everything grinded to a halt (skateboarding references are set to get a flogging here, sorry amigos). The festival is back with a vengeance this year and ready to inject more positivity into the scene.  It’s ramping up to be […]

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