WATCH: ‘Home Burrito Co’ with Josiah Schmucker

COVID has been a strange time for us, not being able to open our doors for legends like yourself. We missed the faces of our local legends dearly, and also feeding our epic ambassadors.

So we thought during this time if our ambassador team can’t come to us, we’ll go to them! 

A couple of our team members cracked the ‘Home Burrito Co’ challenge. Giving you a little insight to what they’ve been up to whilst perched up in their isolation stations, and having a go at cooking their favourite Beach Burrito menu item at home. 

This episode features South Australian surfer and king of the west, Josiah (Jap) Schmucker. An absolute slave to the wave, Jap resides on the far west coast of SA on the Great Australian Bight. Renowned for his big wave fearlessness, he shows in this episode of Home Burrito Co he’s also not afraid to tackle his own rendition of the prestigious O.G Chicken Burrito. 

‘Home Burrito Co’ with Josiah Schmucker