MEET: Jindabyne local legend, Troy Sturrock

Troy Sturrock aka Stuzz, is the latest lord to join our Beach Burrito ambassador lineup and we’re bloody stoked to have him on board! Canberra raised but now Jindy full time, Stuzz is one to look out for on the mountain and also around town. His happy-go-lucky and welcoming personality can almost make you forget how much of a hell-man he is on a snowboard.

We caught up for a quick chat in between some hot laps of the Perisher Front Valley Park

G’day Stuzz, cheers for jumping on board mate! Want to tell the burrito eaters a little bit about yourself and how you got into snowboarding?

Hey guys! Cheers for having me! So I grew up in Canberra and spent a lot of time in Jindy over the winters while I was at school. I started boarding when I was 8, so it’s been 20 years now! Once I finished year 12 I moved straight to Jindy and did 10 years of back to back winters travelling and filming snowboard movies with my friends all over the world. I now live in Jindy year round with my doggo Noah. Such a good crew here and so much activities to get around. 

Certainly knows his way around a bit of AUS back country

Yeah rad! You’ve been with some solid brands in your time, who you with currently?

I spent 5 years riding for DC snowboards and had so many fun times with them but last year I decided to jump over to Volcom and Capita. Love both the brands and the people behind it so it was an easy move. I’ve been with Anon for like 10 years I think and they have always been amazing. All the brands I ride for all make such amazing gear so go out and buy some! Always good times at the trade shows in Canberra where all the brands are. Always ends up at the cas’ hahah 

What’s been your best day of riding in AUS?

Nothing beats a warm slushy spring park day at Perisher. The laps are so quick and always so much crew lapping so I’d take that any day!

Press play to have your mind blown.

Spring riding is where it’s at. You’ve been here, there and everywhere. What’s been the best trip(s)

Best trip would be filming for ODD FOLKS movies. Travelling all over the world with my best mates riding street and back country. We were in places like Finland, Austria, Canada and Japan. So many good memories and good clips out of those times. 

Those ODD FOLKS movies are ICONIC! Check them out people!
What’s been your worst crash/injury?

Worse crash was probably in Japan on a stair set. I clipped my nose on a rail and then rolled down the stairs. Ended up at a hospital coughing up blood, no one realised ’til like 2 months later I had broken my back and I only took 2 weeks off riding and got straight back into it. 

That’s heavy! On the lighter side… with everyone pouring into town for winter, do you have a little tip to tourists that only Jindy locals would know that you’re willing to share?

This one is hard. Don’t wanna give away to many secrets but I’d say best coffee in town is at ESS for sure and they make a pretty good toastie to go with it. 

The man in questioning.

Subtle, but nice touch mate. Alright lucky last, if you could renovate our Jindy store any way you like, no budget, what would you do?

Oohhh I’d be adding a nice outdoor deck or something off the front with long tables for people to drink some beers out in the sun after an arvo of riding.

A few Beach Burrito Easy Ales out in the sun… could get out of hand quickly haha
Cheers for the chat legend, see ya on the hill!

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Tom Laverty