Troy Sturrock

Troy Sturrock – AKA Stuzz – is a Jindabyne core lord. Born in Canberra but quickly moving to call Jindy home, this guy knows his way around the Australian alpine better than anyone.

Stuzz is one to look out for on the mountain and also around town. His happy-go-lucky and welcoming personality can almost make you forget how much of a hell-man he is on a snowboard.

Riding for the likes of VolcomCapitaAnon & previously DC snowboards, his talent speaks for itself.

Some of his most notable efforts include his parts in the iconic ‘ODD FOLKS’ films & also more recently, ‘POVERI NOI’

In between lapping the parks and cutting shapes on The Banjo dance floor, you can find Stuzz at Beach Burrito Jindabyne with multiple frozen margaritas in front of him!

Tom Laverty